Yatton Parish Council has drawn up a Neighbourhood Development Plan, which is a community-led framework for guiding the future development, regeneration and conservation of the area.

Neighbourhood Development Plans are about the use and development of land. The Yatton Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development plan for the area, if successful at referendum. This statutory status gives the Neighbourhood Plan considerable weight, though it must comply with legislation, must have appropriate regard to national policy, and must be in general conformity with existing strategic local planning policy.

A Steering Group, working on behalf of the Parish Council, has drawn up the Neighbourhood Plan. This was approved by the Council at its meeting on September 11th  2017. It has now been submitted to North Somerset Council together with the required Basic Conditions Statement and Statement of Community Involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the problem with having a bypass?

The usual way to pay for a large infrastructure project like this is to allow housing development around the bypass, and hundreds of extra houses could add to Yatton’s traffic congestion. Other unintended consequences could include damaging High Street businesses which thrive on passing trade, and damaging the countryside in an area of high environmental sensitivity.

How will the needs of disabled people, some of whom are unable to walk or cycle, be addressed?

Transport Policy TP1 explicitly seeks to make travel along Yatton High Street safer for all users. The proposed footway widening would benefit many residents, including those with limited mobility who use walking aids, wheelchairs or mobility scooters, as well as children in pushchairs or on scooters.

Why is there no mention of a sustainable transport strategy, particularly a decent bus service?

The Transport Objective and three policies are focused on more sustainable transport. Additionally, Yatton Parish Council has set up a Working Group that is meeting with North Somerset Council and local bus operators and has already secured some improvements in bus service which will start to be seen from April 2017. We are also exploring ways of introducing sustainable community transport. These are long-term and continuous initiatives that can't easily be addressed in a Neighbourhood Plan.

Why not set up a local Housing Trust?

This would be a good idea to bring to the Parish Council but is beyond the scope of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Would the proposed Strategic Gap to the north of Yatton imply approval of further housing development up to that designated area?

There are many policies and documents laying out where housing can and can't be developed; many of these are under constant revision by central government. The idea of designating a Strategic Gap is to try to put in place a barrier that is harder to breach.

Why is there no mention of a strategic gap between Yatton and Congresbury?

There is already a designated Strategic Gap between the two villages. We have avoided restating things in our Plan that are already covered by other local planning documents.

Why not enforce the weight limit for HGVs to reduce the amount of through traffic?

We surveyed HGV traffic through and around the village. Surprisingly, 96% of HGV trips either start or end in Yatton, which is permitted. Enforcing the weight limit would therefore actually have very little effect.